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Originally Posted by FPmr1 View Post
(Unsure if i'm in the correct forum)

Need the collective wisdom of the community.

Pre-COVID I had the intention of joining CX through the second officer program which required a valid CPL MEIR with 250 experience etc. I am currently finishing these requirements in the USA, under the FAA.

With the COVID situation, s**t has hit the fan and the prospects of applying or finding a job is next to nil.

Itís clear to me I wonít be able to apply for at least a year(s), but I want to be productive. However I feel as if Iíve shot myself in the foot. Research has concluded that EASA is more widely accepted then the FAA. If I had trained for an EASA license, I would have already done the EASA ATPL (frozen) which only requires 250hrs, whereas FAA I believe doesnít do frozen ATPL, I havenít asked, but I assume HKCAD does not do Frozen ATPL either.

I am a HK resident, but also hold a British passport so it makes sense to expand my options by applying for the EASA and acquiring the frozen ATPL. When things blow over try to apply where I can. This option however costs money, more money then Iíd hope to spend trying to achieve this dream.

Or go find a job, any job that involves flying and build up to 1500hrs and get an FAA ATPL.

Or just wait.

Any information I have wrong let me know, but more importantly any advice you can give me and to anyone else in a similar situation would be much appreciated.
In about 15 days you will find out whether you have really shot yourself in the foot, or have dodged a bullet.

Just hold your horses until the dust settles.
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