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Agree, but AFAIK USAF accident statistics do not now differentiate among regular, ANG or USAFR rates. Domestic F-16 is an F-16 for safety reporting purposes regardless of who operates it. I guess this differentiation could be done, but that puts it more in the realm of a safety competition than a learning tool.

In the past, the ANG equipment were generally hand-me-downs, and the past individual ANG or USAFR rates were generally somewhat lower than USAF rates compared to the time the type was operated exclusively by USAF. F-100, A-7, F-105, F-4 as examples all had lower accident rates in ANG/USAFR service. The bath-tub curve without the right-hand side. ANG/USAFR had generally more experienced pilots with the same true in MX personnel, and a durational and locational stability in type....and ANG/USAFR had the benefit of knowing the early errors, both ops and MX, made in a particular type by USAF, and in many cases were transitioned to the type by a savvy USAF until ANG could get their own schools up and running in a particular type.

Now for practical purposes, USAF, ANG, USAFR, they're all the same brew.
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