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As above plus:

SE2 connects to the ipad by wifi and has its own built in GPS. That's all you need. I have heard stories of the connection 'dropping out' briefly before reconnecting but not experienced that myself except occasionally losing the gps signal during aeros but it quickly reconnects itself.

SE2 enables the display on your ipad, of traffic which is transmitting ADSB-out . It will also show traffic transmitting Flarm on SkyDemon if you subscribe (30/year?). It will not display traffic which is not transmitting ADSB-out (or Flarm), for example aircraft that only have PilotAware, or only have an old mode A/C transponder, so it's only a guide - the final defence is good lookout.

As stated above, if your mode S transponder is capable it will transmit ADSB-out and the SE2 transmit should be disabled. If your transponder does not transmit ADSB-out, then enable the SE2 transmit to make yourself visible to other receivers. ATC do not (I am told) see SE2 transmissions (with the odd exception - eg Aberdeen?).

Any carry on device is subject to screening - lots of metal, for example the engine, (or people) in the way can significantly degrade performance. Positioning is important.

IMHO all GA aircraft and gliders should carry some form of electronic conspicuity to help me see and avoid them. My aircraft has both SE2 and PilotAware. Even at full price they are a cheap safety enhancement - with the CAA rebate it's a no brainer! Go for it - but keep your eyes peeled as well!
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