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SkyEcho 2

Does anyone have any feedback or criticism of the SE2? Interested to hear peoples opinions.

I am quite interested in purchasing one, especially with the current CAA rebate. I operate in SE England which is very busy in regards to GA and airspace. All of our aircraft have Mode-S Transponders and we often transit controlled airspace, does having the SE2 conflict with the transponder, especially when asked to squawk a certain code?
I believe ATC can see the SkyEcho, so will the aircraft therefore appear twice (with active transponder) or does it work slightly differently to that.

My ipad also doesn't have a gps so I have been using a Garmin GLO 2 for gps capability on SkyDemon. Does anyone know if I can use the SE2 for GPS on the ipad (meaning I won't need both the Garmin and SE2)
Thanks in advance.
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