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Originally Posted by MarkerInbound View Post
As Im reading it, no.

If a primary control failure occurs in either the inboard or mid span leading edge flap group, both groups switch to secondary mode. For all other flap groups, only the failed group operates in secondary mode. Its still 5 minutes to 5 because you wont get the flaps 5 indication until all the LEDs are in position but the trailers will have been set for a while.
I have had trouble understanding that paragraph.

Looking at the FCOM section more closely, it appears that there are 8 groups of flaps. 6 are for LED's with three groups on each wing(inboard, mid-span, and outboard). There are two groups on the training edge(inboards and outboards).It appears if an inboard or mid-span goes to secondary mode, its symmetrical group on the other wing goes to secondary. Is that correct?
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