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Back to the RSRA for a moment ( then a comment re Comanche teaming ).

The initial idea was not the X-wing, it was to provide a test platform for advanced rotors, open to NASA/DARPA, and OEM’s as I understood. X wing came later.

As to the Boeing/ SA teaming on Comanche. I can only address the flight test aspects and in that regard, the teaming worked well. The Flight test Team leader was a Boeing man of long experience, Clarence Hutchinson, and he was really excellent. In fact, after consulting with our CEO, I/we offered him a job, which he turned down for a number of personal reasons. That test team worked to produce perhaps the best flying machine the vertical flight industry has seen* ( only flew it once, and it was very, very impressive ). I’m talking about the basic helicopter. In the present, cannot comment on the Defiant, as I am not remotely involved.
*Were there development problems to solve? Of course-there always are, and some are more easily solved that others, but as to aircraft problems, they were addressed and resolved.

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