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Big vote of thanks to G S Aviation ........

I was on the verge of losing my licence after a number of things conspired against me this autumn. My biennial flight was looming when I was struck down by labyrinthitis (see my thread in the health forum). After I had recovered from that I approached several flying schools to get an hour with an examiner and was scheduled to fly last Tuesday (my expiry was on 31/10!) but it was not to be, cumulo nimbus was breaking out all over the south of England. As I was virtually out of time my only option was to drive to the airfield for a face to face verbal exam with the examiner to allow a 3 week extension to my expiry date, whew, OK until 22 November. I got booked in for the flight on 5 November .......... and then lockdown was sprung upon us again. Another ring around of the flying schools was getting me nowhere until Dave at G S Aviation was able to shuffle his students to free up a slot at 11:30 this morning.

I wish to send my thanks to Dave and any students who accepted a change to their lesson plans today for pulling out the stops and letting my flight take place. Even the weather was as good as could be hoped for at this end of the year.

Thanks again,

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