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STW & Boembus are right.

If anyone honestly thinks that the way pilots have been treated for the past 6 months is that bad, ask the baggage handler or taxi driver how many days off they had in the past month, and how many people they share a dorm with. Everyone in the world has been touched by this virus and you think the public are going to feel sorry for a group of people who are at the top end of the earning scale normally? The same people you want to boycott EK are the people whose patronage has paid and funded your lifestyle.

Losing ones job is always hard, but donít pretend you didnít know theyíd be a bit cold in their treatment. At least you didnít have your passport seized, forced to work 29 days out of 30, given annual leave once every two years, made to live in a dorm with 20 other people, paid 1,500 dhs and still get thrown out. They are the ones who deserve any sympathy.
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