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It is definitely worth it if flying is what you want to do for a living long-term. The general rule of training during an industry downturn to be licensed by the time an upturn comes has one tremendous benefit: it takes any financial pressure off you and hence stimulates you to do everything off your own back and finish debt-free rather than take the gamble of getting a loan to finish quicker while training in an upturn in hopes of getting a job before the next downturn.

This is exactly what you should do, I think. As there's no hurry, don't borrow a single penny for any part of it. Save up and pay as you go. Ideally, don't go for a purely commercial school for the PPL and hour building. Join a flying club. Or maybe a gliding one. This way, there will be a nice social side to your flying, it won't be just another vocational training course. Remember that no job at the airfield is beneath you, even if it is something like driving a tractor or manning a reception desk. This may eventually give you an opportunity for some extra flying, maybe doing things like towing gliders, dropping parachutists or instructing other club members. Spending your weekends doing something like that (or at least polishing the aircraft and chatting with like-minded people if the weather is bad) will help you stay motivated and meet many good people. And eventually you'll get the chance for the next step.
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