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I rather missed the point of the Dowding formation, centred as it was around the Lancaster. I wonder why the BBMF doesn't call it the Harris formation, now why wouldn't they do that?

In reality I suppose it was to put the Hurricane front and centre, being as there is only one of them and to put it at the rear would cause much muttering amongst the natives. It creates a real problem for the Lanc pilot of course, formating on a much smaller aircraft in front of him. I suspect the Lanc is rather more responsive than the Hastings was but even so, well done indeed!

Was there some Reds thing about the display wear? AoC attends final display rehearsal, gives the go ahead, team reassembles in black (as against red) flying suits etc. Is that SOP now for RAF display teams? Is it because these final fly offs are invariably now on a TV programme and form part of the cliff hanger moments required of the media? Will the AoC give the go ahead? Will the team get to wear their red/black flying suits (omit as reqd), will Flash rescue Dale from the clutches of the Merciless Ming?

Oh, good prog BTW, well done Trotter!
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