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Originally Posted by Chugalug2 View Post
Yes and no about the "radar women". It's a typical woke Beeb piece.
Chugalug2 - I'm not an apologist for our national broadcaster but I'm not sure that the 'woke' epithet (a term that, before being claimed by particularly inclined elements of the media, referred to a degree of social awareness to which decent people should aspire), is appropriate in this case. The BBC article looks to have been driven by the RAF Benevolent Fund and their PR/Press team and was none the worse for that.

From a personal standpoint; as I grew up, I read anything I could find about this period in our history but came across little or nothing about the contributions of navigators, air gunners and other aircrew, let alone the 81% male pilots in the ATA and everyone who served on the ground. In my experience, in the last thirty years or so, there has been a great increase in the breadth of information available to the public. The BBC has played its part in that, for all that they might make errors of omission or detail.
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