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What the books, films etc. don't tend to tell you is the appalling conditions that the groundcrews and support staff had to put up with on the front line airfields - Biggin, Kenley, Tangmere, Croydon, etc. I remember attending an 85 squadron reunion and meeting some of the engine fitters, armourers and riggers, etc. that had been at Croydon during the height of the battle. They to a man pointed out how rare it was to get a cooked meal and how their salvation was the Sally Anne van that came round twice a day. They also pointed out that whilst they had spent a lot of time living in tents, most were living in hedges a good distance from their aircraft during the height of the battle. Few had any memory of getting a bath or shower during that period. Several pointed out how lucky they were compared with their comrades at Biggin or Kenley and at least it was summer.

It is believed that over 300 groundcrew were killed during the battle but this is vary rarely mentioned - how sad?