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Chugalug2, I have long given up expecting anything other than PC and woke articles from the BBC. To be honest I only skimmed the 'radar women' article - I was trying to reflect my agreement with Group Captain John Hemingway that "all those who fought during those difficult months, not just the pilots" should be remembered".

I think, like many of my generation, I grew up knowing only about the pilots who had fought and died a couple of decades before we were born, being air miinded as a teenager I read books on the subject and Dowding became a hero to me. I remember seeing "Auntie Joan" explaining the development and importance of the RDF and Command system system to viewers in a programme that was IMO much more thoughtful than current ones. (General Johannes Steinhoff was also a contributor). I think all of us here are well aware air fighting is a team enterprise, the majority of the team members not being in the air. I suppose even the Battle of Britain film increased my awareness of the others involved including the ROC and AA & Searchlight units.

On a side note, my wife is a Canadian citizen so I have developed an interest in the contribution her fellow citizens made on land, sea and in the air in WW2.
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