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Glad that somebody remembered, thank you SLXOwft! Yes and no about the "radar women". It's a typical woke Beeb piece. Never mind about the courage and sacrifice of the pilots and other males, let's celebrate the women involved in the battle. Everybody who served in the Military and Civilian organisations at the time deserve recognition, not for their sex, not for their particular organisations, but simply because they served and contributed to victory, often making the final sacrifice.

I don't know who the "we" are who "don't reflect enough" as instanced by the AVM. There has been plenty of emphasis in the media on the Fighter Command system that meant we could prevail over a much stronger enemy and which depended on GPO engineers, WAAF's, ATA pilots, RAF ground and aircrew, the ROC, and many many others, no matter what their sex was. Of course, there may be those who know nothing of the BoB whatsoever. A minor piece about women radar plotters won't do much to rectify that.

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