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Unfortunately the leave process is not so shiny as the recruitment process when they hired you. Remember the beautiful videos and slogans when they came out to your capital city roadshows, they were begging you to join remember the slogans Emirates, From Dubai to destinations around the world, Keep Discovering, Hello Tomorrow, and is currently Fly Emirates, Fly Better. Well you will never be duped again that’s for sure, or is it? Yes all those road shows tv adverts and life in the desert driving buggies across the dunes believe me you will know better next time.

just remember they don’t have the firing budget now that they had for the hiring budget years ago.if it makes you feel better they are throwing people under the bus down the Unmentionable road, across the borders and elsewhere. The problem with leaving Middle East is not the Middle East it’s the problems you will face back home after years of neglect of family friends and home country licenses, not to mention the world of commerce particularly the U.K. going to the dogs. Just remember you will come out of this and for the better, stronger person just be adaptable.

please use the slogans to your advantage now, you say hello to your new tomorrow
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