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Mr Mac
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It will not bother me, as I do not live there, and given your countries addiction to antidepressants and opioids I think your needs are greater than the rest of us. However hopefully (if he does get back in as you would like) he will fulfill his promise, and pull all your assets back to the US and stay there. I do not think the Free world is interested in the values propagated by this man. What I do not want to hear, or see if that drawbridge is pulled up, is various quotes like "protecting American interest" for "overseas adventures", you have a large country with plenty of resources and low population density, I suggest you stay in it for a while, and try and mend what is patently broken from recent events, and then when you have proved you can be trusted to play nicely, the rest of the world may let you of the naughty step.

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Mr Mac
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