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I too am having FAA medical and flight review problems compounded by geographic issues.

I have an original FAA PPL.

The SFAR extended my medical from end of April to end of July - I never got to use it though as the authorities in Dominica refused permission to fly airplanes, not even for maintenance purposes (mine consequently had insects invade the left tank, not the right and so it was good for the 35 minute flight up to Guadeloupe for annual - I could not fly it as my review expired in late May.

Usually I would go up to Florida in April every other year for medical, flight review and Sun n Fun - this year a no go.

Have found an FME in Antigua - not risking Florida and I have a FAA CFI in St Barths to do my flight review, following which back to Guadeloupe to collect my airplane with the annual competed.

Catch is that the French borders were closed last week - so this is going to be fun.

Need to get to Barbados for a project at the end of the month, so scheduled - LIAT the airline owned by a number of governments in the region went bust, the odd reaction is smaller airlines free to operate and the costs (including taxes) are a third of what they were!

So having fun here in the sun

The flight review thing was weird, met the criteria but not the US list of charities to fly for, we don't have them here, although I made the airplane available for the government to use - that is something they need to sort in future - OK protect your airspace from sub 500 hour pilots and limit flight but make a comment to the effect that it applies in US airspace only - OK the FAA is US but they should take care of the FAA pilots in other airspace too - if it's OK with the airspace one is in and one meets the other criteria it seems odd to have the rules bar one from flying in non-US airspace. Were it for for the limitation on charity tyoe flights I could have flown to Antigua and St Barths and have sorted the whole thing - as it is I am not expecting to be back in the air until October

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