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Originally Posted by Mach E Avelli View Post
I tend to agree - unless you can demonstrate skill, no one is likely to want to train you on the job knowing you don't really want to be there and will bugger off back to aviation at the first opportunity.
An alternative would be to go fruit picking with the Pacific Islanders that the farmers are crying out for because our career dole bludgers can't get off their fat arses to do anything useful. and have shown themselves to be un-trainable.
The money might be crap, but think of the positives - working in the sun will improve your fitness beyond anything attainable in the gym and those Islanders could show you a good time with a whole fresh outlook on life.
I'm not talking about being calling random tradies to try and get work in a trade you've never worked in, and getting trained on the job. I'm talking about having those backgrounds already and being able to pick them back up if required. I may not have made that clear

And I've already made those calls pre-emptively. Job waiting for me no worries. Construction is yet to be drastically affected. At least where I have connections.
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