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Originally Posted by non_state_actor View Post
Truck Driving is the just the same as aviation. Unless you have current experience in higher weights you are just battling it out with all the shonks. Sure there are plenty of jobs for people who have spent 4-5 years driving but you aren't just going to walk up with a license, no experience and start driving HR multi combination.

At the end of the day despite all these know alls on here who think a pilot will waltz into any industry on the planet, reality is unless you are qualified, and have current experience you arent really doing anything just because you are a pilot.

Basically you would have had to other qualifications, been working part time in another industry, whilst simultaneously somehow being an airline pilot working unstable shift work. Sure if you have no life or wife and kids it could be done, but I don't see how you could otherwise.

And those who have experience from other industries tend to be career FOs as they started to late in aviation. Very Very few manage to do both.
Current driving a truck? Never heard of that before. Also there is no such thing as a HR combination. I had been away from driving a truck for 5 years and got hired on straight away when AV8 went under.

Driving a truck is like driving a car. Stick to commenting on things you know something about.
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