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Originally Posted by Finningley Boy View Post
So what do they need their TU-160s, Flankers, Fencers, Surface Ships, Tanks etc for?

Same reason that drove the West to ramp up defence expenditure during the Cold War only to find they had grossly over estimated the numbers /capability of the opposing forces . Money needs to be spent on defence , but please explain what exactly you are going to be doing with 80 million quids worth of F 35 in a typical combat environment these days where the low tech guy in the field with his bog standard AK or SAM could quite easily ruin your day . . Ok , this subject has been beaten to death in other threads , so enough of that .

But as I say , nice toys for the boys ( and I have enjoyed playing with them in bygone times ) ; great technology ( essential for future progress ) . The question now is how to get good value out of those tax payer dollars/pounds.to meet the new threat , which is inevitably going to be high tech cyber .

The problem is, Joe Public want to see fast jets / heavy bombers blasting overhead even though history has shown these assets often do not perform as effectively as advertised .
But they do impress / terrorise the "natives ", even though the cyber hacker can do far more damage . Silently .
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