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Angry Get a life....

Couldn't agree more. I was actually with Logi Bear from 85 to 97, so I was there during most of the fun.
You are right in putting the final authority for decisions with BM.....HOWEVER, if you had your facts straight, you would know that SG resisted every profitable decision from the Castle. He had to be ordered to fly SOU to GLA and EDI for example. BM wanted to hang onto the 146s, in point of fact they just about broke even doing charters, but SG only had the nerve for smally aeroplanes. It was entirely down to him that the 146s were handed back, and it was THAT decision which saddled the group with the most expensive turboprop leases in the world, (only way BAe would take back the 146s) still causing BA problems today.
SG was also the man who refused to believe the oilies when they said they wanted Dash Eights for our Sumburgh contracts. No no, he insisted Twin Otters would be OK, so we lost that contract, and then proceeded to sell and Otter or two every year or so to break even. Then there was the decision to ignore the GPO when they said they wanted a biger aircraft than the 360. More contracts lost. Tragedy was both contractors wanted LC to continue doing the job, but wanted bigger aeroplanes. SG, again, knew better! This far sighted decision making also resulted in putting a 360 in Barra, against all advice. I vividly remember the chief test pilot from Shorts getting stuck in the beach on the proving flights. I remember the fun when SG got stuck himself on the inaugural flight because the wind blew the wrong way for a few days!!!

My overall point was intended to illustrate that management usually get rewarded for their mistakes. If pure ability on task were a judgement of job longevity, we'd have a much greater manager turnover (that includes Manx, BRAL and BA too). I meant to contrast this with the base check, which shows up a pilot's skill level very swiftly, and twice a year!

Since you mention it though, I meant it was a pity that SG was never affected personally financially, it might have given him and his ilk an insight into the result of their mistakes on their employees!!! He was only ever rumoured to survive in post because he was a significant shareholder.....but then again, management get rewarded for failure, check out Ayling!

Ref your last point, if I understand you correctly, then I must subscribe to Roxy's viewpoint. For goodness sake, either you are management or not in the airline business at all.
Am I bitter? You bet, facing my fourth house move in ten years, all due to believing the bloody management.
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