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Originally Posted by Damager View Post
Joining SGI soon, I'll be based in Timika...

I have a few questions, would appreciate your comments - do's and don'ts...

- What is the accommodation like at the main base in Timika, will I need a bathroom towel, stuff for mosquitos, my own soap, etc?
- Is there a TV, wifi, kettle, etc in the room? Are you allowed to use Netflix or is there limited bandwidth or restrictions by the client?
- Is there a gym, or pool available to keep fit when not working?
- Is this a dry camp (No Alcohol) allowed?
- Are movements restricted to the main camp and airport only or is one allowed to venture into town to buy toiletries and other goodies?
- What is the working environment like, is the client very difficult. Is there a standard dress code.
- Laundry at the camp is there an issue with personal clothes missing on a regular basis, should one plan to bring extra socks, underpants etc..
- Should I consider getting a local SIM card or will this be provided upon arrival?
- What wall plugs are used there, the same as the UK, Australia, or other?
- Any other suggestions or advice...
- If you work less than 180 days in-country, do you get your tax back from the Indonesian Gov?
- As a new employee, I believe the first stop is Bali - What is the process there, and how many days does it normally take? What is the name of the area and accommodation where crews are housed during this period?

Thanks in advance for those able to assist with the above,

Much appreciated.
private message me, familiar with the place.
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