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Scott must be laughing all the way to the bank. After all the criticism he took back in the early nineties when Midland took routes off Loganair because of mounting losses and all the arrogant cynicism from Manx Airlines management who started running the show, now he's still there - and they've all gone, or are going.

The pity of it is actually that Scott probably never took a personal pay or standard of living cut. The Manx management took millions out of the airline when it was floated on the market and subsequently sold to BA, so they're laughing too.

In the meantime, there are pilots who have been badly shafted three times by management. Once because of Loganair mismanagement and sell off, requiring a majority move house all over the Uk. Twice when Manx sold to BA, again provoking more "Future Size and Shapes" than can be described here. Three times (so far) as BA effectively GIVE the routes back to Loganair and Eastern, making yet more people redundant from Glasgow and the Isle of Man. Because that's what it is. As ever, there are glossy phrases like 'wet lease' being employed, but these guys are either looking for a new job, or once again having to pack the family suitcase.


There is such an abysmally low but shatteringly greedy standard of Airline Management in the Industry at so many levels that, were they pilots, they would chopped at their first base check!!!!!
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