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New Penzance heliport

This is a welcome addition to Isles of Scilly and indeed Penzance. The loss of the original Heliport was also a loss to the spin off trade in Penzance which it could ill afford.
Although aimed at the Tresco market the new service offers an 'independent' alternative that include St Marys.
The benefit of a sea level location, and convenient train facilities is another factor in its suitability, although it will require a very high level of serviceability to achieve its purpose until a second machine is available.
The ticket cost reflects the actual reality of operating expensive equipment on limited routes with small payloads, but is not that far removed from the fixed wing alternative.
Some years ago an independent survey showed that any 'aviation' operation was going to be difficult to sustain, and so it has proved, as the sheer cost of running airports at either end of the route has risen beyond their economic return. For a 15 min flight the ticket price is now well above what most pax are used to in the rather more competitive world of airlines.
With Tresco as its main customer, and a favourable weather friendly location, the new Heliport will offer an excellent facility for those who can afford high end travel.
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