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Originally Posted by Spunk View Post
Has anybody a valuable recommendation for an affordable LTE (4G/5G) downlink solution. Customer has the idea of broadcasting "life" on those social media platforms.
A quickly removable solution is preferred on my side.
5G won't get you anywhere as UWB signal doesn't reach far from the node. 3G/4G is the way to go.

We're evaluating 3 different downlink solutions currently, two with dedicated base stations and one LTE based.
For LTE, we're looking at bonded systems such as the Teradek Bond + LinkPro, which uses 4x LTE signals that are bonded. We're also looking at the Vislink CIRAS-X6 and Silvus SC4400 licensed systems.

There are various (non-STC'ed) MIMO LTE antennas available with 4-8 LTE connections. We're checking the feasibility of using one of these on an STC'ed antenna mount facing down, as well as the legalities of such an installation.

The aforementioned Teradek system is quite portable and removable, and you might be able to forego an installed antenna.
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