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Originally Posted by Douglas Bahada View Post
Having pondered the proposed changes l now think LIFO will not apply as they are proposing reductions at all UK bases. So much for loyalty. Orange spirit my arse.
Way back in the mists of time, the American boss of the large UK airline I worked for, decided that he would reduce the pilot/cc workforce due to one of the airlines regular financial hiccups. His proposal was to close 4 regional bases and get rid of the staff based there. He was somewhat put out and puzzled when the Union, having been largely asleep on the job, pointed out that we were a Seniority based airline and he couldn't do that. All of a sudden 3 of the 4 base closures were cancelled and most of the jobs saved, albeit with quite a few peeps taking part time to mitigate. When the brown stuff hits the fan, seniority and union are all that stands between you and the dole queue.
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