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Ozbiggles, you can sit in the same corner with blackout. You have never attended a Board meeting.

How would you like to be told for example: “We have a letter of offer to sell X division to Y company, they would close the plant, sack one thousand employees and source product from China”. “What do you think?”. Discuss.

“Our operation is losing money, we have ten thousand employees. What should we do?” Discuss.

“Our major supplier has gone tits up. The managers were frauds. Their products are also toxic.” Discuss.

“we have an offer from X company to buy us. Should we sell?”.

”ABC company is for sale. Should we buy it and what would we do with it?”

“Some is shorting our shares. What do they know that we don’t?”

”Our new product is a public relations disaster and has killed four people. What do we do?”

”How do we tell the Government we have a major environmental problem on our hands at our mine site, cyanide has gotten into the tailings dam and it’s killing the birds. How’d we manage that?”

‘To put that another way, how would you like to be a Director of a company that just defaulted on 7 billion of debt? Compared to that I’d rather by flying in a thunderstorm.
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