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The bottom line is that for anything supplied from outside China, the purchaser is really paying for the delivery, even if it's quoted as being "free". China is an oddball, as the Chinese government heavily subsidise shipping from China, to encourage exports. Arguably the shipping cost still ends up being fed back to the product cost, via taxation, but I doubt that it's as straightforward as that in reality.

Personally, I'd far rather that everything had the real delivery charges listed, especially for anything that I'm likely to buy more than one of, as I always get the feeling that the "free shipping" prices tend to be a rip off if buying a quantity of something. Also, am I alone in finding that Amazon is a complete PITA in terms of finding something for the best price? Try as I might, Amazon's weird and wonderful search algorithm always seems to throw up a strange range of prices, and even the option to order search results by price seems to fall over, and list higher priced items earlier in the list than they should be. For all it's other flaws, eBay does at least seem to have better search functionality, that actually allows sensible boolean search terms to be used reasonably effectively (something that Amazon doesn't seem to support well).
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