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I love the way that we just build a station underground in central Manchester, and then "set off towards Bradford and Leeds". Does nobody read maps these days ! There is a little bump in between known as the Pennies. The existing routes in that area route through Hebden Bridge (of flooding fame) and Huddersfield. I presume from the fact that they are looking to take the line close to Oldham and Rochdale that the plan is to go through the Calder Valley and Hebden Bridge which was the original trans Pennine route built by Stephenson. However that valley is very narrow with many curves hence why the other route through Huddersfield was built later.

The fact is that either route would be not acceptable to the large number of people who live on the route due to noise, this being a larger problem in the Calder Valley, as well as having significant engineering issues. Another option would be to go underground for a greater distance like the Gothard Base Tunnel project in Switzerland however then the savings would disappear very quickly, as tunnel length would be more in the 15-20 mile range.

My idea to use that money in the north would be to scrap the routes north of Birmingham, re open some of the closed trans-pennine routes which have been closed, and increase length of trains, and maybe introduce a dedicated cross northern freight route, you know like the one we had at Woodhead until 1983 I think. Hey presto more paths for freight better connectivity between northern cities at the level they need, not some grandiose London centrist train set extension and probably delv it all at 1/2 the cost of the BJ scheme. But I am only an engineer from a Red Brick Univ not a classics graduate from one of the two holy grail,s of academia who writes a poor column in the Telegraph to keep his hand in on the side.
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