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Originally Posted by sbthomas View Post
"If we force this on the Marine Offices, how will the officials there be able to supplement their income as they do now"!

This is at the heart of the problem. You cannot blame only briber, the bribee is actually far more responsible and the system that supports the bribee bears the final responsibility.

If you are trapped in a system where a bribe is needed to get any service, then you really have little choice and you soon loose sight of what is 'right' or 'wrong'. If you believe that no matter how hard you study, you need to slip someone a bit of cash to 'facilitate' your ATPL, then it's a very short step to not having to study quite so hard and slipping a few more dollars to cover any small slip-up. In a strange way, the individuals with 'fake' documentation are also victims of a ******-up system.
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