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Clare Prop
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Don't be fooled into thinking these people "own" the airport.
The Commonwealth (all of us) own the airport. They are TENANTS with no freehold however much they pretend they "own" it.
Their head lease will state that if someone is evicted for a development they have to find somewhere else for them that is equivalent, however that is probably as likely as JAH actually having offsets for all the wildlife they bulldozed, (Of course Mr Garrett was never able to answer that one) The all know that the relevant Minister, whatever party is in power, will turn a blind eye, just as Albanese did while Jandakot was being turned from a valuable conservation area into a traffic jam surrounded by a concrete jungle. Bear that in mind, just in case anyone was thinking of writing to a Labor MP to try and stop this, it was Keating's idea in the first place.
The airports should be renationalised.
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