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Hi all, seems to me that this thread is dying but Iíll post anyway. I just applied for the most recent intake (June 2020) and I completed my online aptitude test last night. I did alright - not bad enough to say I failed but not good enough to definitively say I passed. Anyway, I was just wondering:

1. Would age affect my application? Obviously there is nothing written about age (avoid those discrimination lawsuits lol) but Iím 18 and Iím worried I wonít be taken seriously. This is my dream job. Iíve been researching air traffic control for years and my parents work in aviation. I even read all 198 pages of this forum haha. But yeah it would really suck if they thought I wasnít serious because Iím young

2. Would COVID affect the recruitment process? From what Iíve gathered, they only do the assessment centre in Melbourne now and Victoria is having a bit of a surge in cases at the moment. I wouldnít be surprised if the whole state went into lockdown.
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