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Are there any photos of the damage to the Q400 and E145 after they were separated and/or photos of the separation process?

Some damage to the E145 engine nacelle was clearly visible in the news photos but the Q400 fuselage damage was hidden by the E145. I'm guessing there will be gouge marks on the Q400 from the initial point of impact with the E145 to the final resting place. The Q400 nose gear was highly compressed and may have been damaged through overload or maybe it was fine after the E145 was removed? Was there additional damage to the E145 that wasn't visible in the news photos? Was further damage caused to either or both aircraft during the separation process?

I saw what appeared to be a de-fueling truck in one of the news photos so the first step before separation was presumably to de-fuel both aircraft for safety and weight reasons. I'm guessing the separation involved properly chocking the Q400, finding a suitable way to prevent the E145 from moving in unwanted ways, lifting its starboard wing a little higher using a crane and straps or airbags until it was clear of the Q400 and then pulling the Q400 back? Given the proximity of the two aircraft, the slope of the apron, the lack of space for a pushback tug and probably other complications, this must have been an awkward task and the health and safety assessment of the separation process must have been interesting. Commercial airports / airlines need to have disabled aircraft recovery processes and procedures but will they have envisaged this scenario?

Is any repair work taking place on either aircraft or are they awaiting a visit by the insurance companies to apportion blame and assess whether the damage is economically repairable or not.
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