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I can honestly say I’ve never worked with a more selfish pilot body than I have at BA. It’s not every pilot obviously, but it is a sizeable minority mainly skewed to long haul who have consistently chosen to protect their own at the expense of sharing the pain. PP34, JSS, etc, these things do not appear in a vacuum.

As Foss says, it was interesting to see the narrative change from “‘we’ve all got to share the pain & save all jobs’” when they were at risk to “‘we’ve got to make sure our job is worth doing, some CR may be necessary’” once it became apparent that LIFO was going to be a main factor in the redundancy.

I say interesting, what I mean as a PP2 SH FO is “‘horrifying’”, to be considered as collateral damage to preserve a senior pilots gilded lifestyle.

These people have had the very best out of this industry, and are seemingly insistent in pulling up the ladder behind them. I hope they are more of a minority than they seem to be.

Just to put the other side of the LIFO argument, I’ve never quite understood how it would be fair (to use a BA example) why I as a A320 FO should be forced out of the business to make way for a 747 FO who quite clearly in normal times wouldn’t dream of taking up a SH role, who would incur a retraining cost as well as having to pay (stat redundancy) for me to exit. LIFO within a fleet, absolutely, but as soon as you have to start shunting people into training courses, it becomes a lot harder to justify in my opinion (and is borderline illegal anyway - see redundancy bumping).

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