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Lightspeed 2. I have had this headset for several years and have been very happy with it. Very comfortable, even on a three hour flight. DCs have never fitted me well and were very uncomfortable.

Two years ago, the only problem I have ever had surfaced. The boom mic started to behave like a G meter! It gradually got worse to the point of having to do something about it. However, I didn't want the hassle and expense of shipping it from Canada to the US. A week ago my hand was forced when I left the headset out in the rain!

Disassembling was easy once I had found a YouTube video on how to remove the ear cups. After that I just needed a small Phillips-head jewelers screwdriver to remove the loudspeaker/electronic assembly. Having done that, I discovered that a small Vise-Grip (Mole Wrench) was all that was needed to tighten the boom mic nut. Pictures available if required.

Once I had dried everything off, the headset worked perfectly and now I use my "seat of the pants" G meter!
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