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Again, the opposite is true, it’s your opinion and I don’t have to agree with it, which as a matter of a fact, I don’t, “fella”. I couldn’t care less for it or your interpretation and it doesn’t matter what fleet she’s in, as she won’t have a say considering the union is ignoring her position, just read the BALPA forum.

Well someone who has done 30 years on the 747 won’t get the boot, someone who had issues should no matter when they joined, they shouldn’t be ahead of someone junior with better conduct, performance etc, as you know the other aspects of the matrix do not outweigh seniority, since you know it all.

My airline is also a seniority airline, and the mandate given to the union by both seniors and juniors was clear, we will share the pain evenly if it comes to it. That’s unity and that’s how it should be done. Yes, “someone’s terrorist is someone else’s freedom fighter” so the concept of fairness is debatable. But don’t sit there pretending you see yourselves as equals as anyone with over 10 years of BA knows that it’s not true.

I wish you the best of luck in your dispute.
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