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You clearly have little knowledge of what LIFO will entail or what our MOA actually says then. I won’t repeat it here as if you worked at BA, well, then you’d know.
If there is a LIFO deal, and it’s still an IF, it’ll be LIFO plus some other stuff. Like active disciplinarians and poor performance; which would address those issues that, I agree, needed sorting a long time ago.
As for cabin crew agreements in 2006, well I’m not sure about that as I don’t recall the exact details. 2010 however, BA did seek to break their agreements and as I recall, BASSA took them to court and ithe judgement was that the MOA forms part of the contract so must be respected.
Quite why BALPA should have renegotiated the LIFO part of the MOA years ago, like your company; why would they do that? BA is a seniority airline. Everyone who joins knows that, and it’s positives and indeed negatives. Joining, them whinging it’s unfair just smacks of the I want it all and I want it now brigade. We will have to differ as to your definition of “fair” too. Is it fair that someone who joined last week into the A350 gets to stay, but someone who has given 30+ years service but flies a 747, gets the chop? Sorry fella; there’s nothing at all fair about that In my book. Life ain’t fair unfortunately, it’s just isn’t and In the absence of a better system a LIFO+ matrix is about as good a way I can think of.
There are many negatives to seniority too, but on balance give me the transparency of LIFO/seniority than the way virgin, Emirates and Wizz went about treating their crews.
Just in case you haven’t worked it out I do indeed work there, and have done for 22 years. What aircraft does to wife fly? FO/Captain? Or is she crew? If she’s crew then let’s leave BASSA&UNITE to fight there own arguments eh? And defend their own agreements as they see fit; they have nothing to do with pilot agreements.

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