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Originally Posted by Compylot View Post
I think you'll find that Airline pilots aren't particularly sought after for GA gigs even if they might of done it in a past life.

With modern aircraft being very easy to fly and the over reliance on automation, ex airline pilots have really struggled to adapt back to the complexity of operating light aircraft as a single pilot and many just don't make the cut.

Flying a heavy single or turbocharged piston twin is a strenuous exercise and sadly years of watching the autopilot have rendered most Airline pilots incapable of managing such aircraft again.
Ahhh itís you again......

Btw there has never really been a mass transition of airline pilots back to GA since like, forever, certainly not now as itís still only just beginning, so I donít know how you can say ďmany just donít make the cutĒ. Itís more your assumptions and prejudices which make you think that airline pilots wonít make the cut. An aircraft is an aircraft, Iím sure after a bit of refamiliarisation most pilots, even long time airline pilots will ďmake the cutĒ.

And if you looked inside one of todayís light aircraft, even pistons, youíd probably be surprised at the level of automation and avionics inside of one.
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