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Safer to avoid

Originally Posted by Islandlad View Post
What would you suggest is a good avoid of an Air Cadet Gliding field? Vertical? Lateral? For all directions? 2000ft AGL? 2-2.5 miles? Clear of Cloud? What would cover that?
If only on the basis that winch cables are to all intent and purpose invisible, and a glider on launch has a more restricted forward view, then the 'safest' option is to avoid the area to the side.
Of course it may well be that 'other aviation non gliding activities' will happen at LR so that is why they wish to sanitise more space.
It becomes confusing when you have an ATZ but no ATC to notify of activity, and the notam system is not a reliable medium to cover this, as it is already overloaded with an excess of info.
The most important thing is the Cadets have a Gliding site again.

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