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Originally Posted by GAPU View Post
[QUOTE Finally, the prelim report doesn't talk about the crew lowering the gear at all on approach. I know that previously it was suggested that the gear was lowered but aircraft protection kicked in due to the high speed so I'm hoping that question is resolved in the full report.
From the interim report

"The FDR indicated action of lowering of the landing gears at 7221 ft at around 10.5 Nautical Miles from Runway 25L.​​​​​​"

​​​​​​"Landing approach was not discontinued. However, FDR shows action of raising of the landing gears at 1740 ft"[/QUOTE]

Yup, it does say that - sorry, my initial post could have been clearer. The report doesn't say anything about the gear not going down because of the speed protections.
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