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The Inquiry began in February 2019 and has identified 262 pilots who had someone else to sit the exams.
I assume this is referring to the written exams? “Proper” flying experience was also lacking.
And yet only 54 individuals have been issued with “show-cause notices”.
40% (344) of the 860 pilots hold ‘fake’ licences many of which are not currently flying.

This is an astonishing situation and brings the integrity of the whole system into question.

The UK has not been immune from such activity albeit on a much smaller scale.
The UK CAA successfully prosecuted an individual in 2001 who had done a huge amount of “Parker pen” flying for UK CAA licence issue.
9 months suspended sentence & 4000 costs at Hove Crown Court.
His licence was revoked.
Clock set to ZERO with all previous experience null and void.

Swearing an affidavit to confirm hours flown should your logbook go “missing” is no longer accepted in isolation by the CAA.
[ Moral of the story ~ keep your logbook at home in a book shelf. A burglar is hardly likely to steal it, whereas a car broken into for a flight bag......?]
Clearly this was open to abuse by some individuals without integrity and honesty.

Then there was a psychiatric who faked medical qualifications in the UK (1995) from New Zealand.
A fraud trial in 2018 brought matters to light.
Needless to say verification procedures are now far more water tight.
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