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When I picked up my new car last year, I ignored the advice to drive it home in "Chill" mode, and set everything to the sportiest setting, on the basis that I'd been driving for decades, and raced at club level for a few years, so no road car was likely to be in anyway likely to present a problem. I was wrong. As soon as I pushed the loud pedal when entering the motorway, I very quickly reached the point where the car was way ahead of my ability to control it safely. Although I knew it could do 0 to 60 mph in ~4 seconds, I hadn't full appreciated just what that meant in practice. Even my old hill climb/sprint car couldn't accelerate as fast, that was probably around 5 or 6 seconds to 60, but with a lot less initial acceleration off the line. Not hard to see how people can get easily fooled when getting in something that's a lot more powerful than they are used to. I've learned that having ~350kW (>450hp) instantly available needs handling with a fair bit of respect.
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