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Originally Posted by jimjim1 View Post
That's interesting, always good to get the results of experience.

What do you suggest for DNS? Say for Windows devices.

Local router cached through ISP or one of the Free providers directly from end device? Or ... :-)

I looked up the devices suggested above.

USG Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway, is an enterprise Gateway router with Gigabit Ethernet


Zyxel Wireless N VDSL2 4-port Gateway with USB [VMG1312-B10A-GB02V1F]
I would add Google DNS as primary and secondary, overriding our own/that of the customers if not with us. This is because Google is very unlikely to go down. These are for primary and for secondary. These are quite easily setup in both the USG and VMG and then it will guide all the traffic there from all your endpoints, rather than setting manually in each device.

Those prices may not be the cheapest either, Amazon isn't always. I've seen cheaper but there won't be much in it.

At home here, we have Virgin due to TV package but we've switched of their functionality and replaced with our own UniFi kit. It stops them disabling the wireless when they experience issues (as was happening a lot) and also improves the signal so much. Our newish Samsung TV and iPads used to drop off randomly, the TV more than anything. Adding the AC pro immediately stopped that and I now also have control of blocking devices when the kids are naughty....

I should add, with the VMG we do get a lot of issues with the wifi breaking, sometimes before a year's up and sometimes after. They aren't the best for the money but they do have their uses when it comes to a simple router to run hosted telephony.
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