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Using Foreflight Sentry in Europe

Hey Guys,

I've flown in the US and will begin flying in Europe now as well, I have a PPL, and during my time in the US (California) I came across the Foreflight Sentry device which comes with GPS, Weather, and an ADS-B receiver among some other features. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience using this in Europe, and wether or not it would be worth to buy in that case. I know aircraft in the US are now required to have ADS-B on planes (since January 2020, according to my flight school out there) and also that the US has many towers that "bounce off" data from aircraft as well as weather information, that the Sentry device can read. I know that's not the case in Europe which is why I'm curious to know how much use there is for this device in Europe.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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