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Originally Posted by SuperF View Post
My biggest bugbear, doesn’t upset me, but is a bit annoying, is light aircraft people, including gliders, that insist on parking right beside JetA1 pumps, and then disappear!
Aah but you are forgetting your place.
It is THEIR airfield which they occasionally let other types use.
Stuckwing drivers often have little clue about the strength of downwash.

Having burned some fuel hovering near the pumps, and eventually plonking it down, the fixed wing instructor with his Aviators and polished epaullettes eventually strolled, at a leisurely pace, to the pumps and nudged the little cessna forward a few meters and scurried off.
Once the control surfaces started flapping like a newborn chick looking for food, he moved with a bit more enthusiasm.
I like to think a lesson was learned that day.
Probably didn't stick
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