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We are given these things called PAWS (Privileged Access Workstations) at work to do the supposedly "serious" stuff with and they are a bit of a joke. Besides being quite hopeless at their given task (they do tick a security box though) they employ one of the security aspects used by Windows 10 S mode, which is better known as "the clean source principle". Following (or being forced to follow) the clean source principle ensures that the all aspects of your PC/laptop have been accounted for, from certified OEM equipment, firmware installation, OS installation, applications and configuration. The latter often means the computer is neutered to the point of being a right royal pain to own and operate.

Now Microsoft itself isn't renowed for being the brightest software company on the market. When I first got my PAWS laptop I found my habitual three finger MacOSX scroll gesture would lock my screen - a bug eventually fixed with a Windows 10 patch. And there have been many similar wierd and wonderful bugs since. But as a supposedly secure system one found one could move files in and out using MS-Outlook mail client, Windows S Mode circumvents this by forcing you to use One-Drive - which has its own issues and inconveniences.

Sure, if your computer is just used as a polished turd then by all means jump on the Windows S Mode bandwagon and gloat about it to your friends, but some of us actually need these laptops to do real work and have absolutely no time for any of these "I'm really f**king useless at work" Windows themes.

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