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B407Pilot megan
So let me get this right: This post is about you being upset with the lack of airmanship and you end your post by saying you didn't give a damn about this guy and his helicopter and right next to this guy while his blade was still spinning? Oh, and don't get me wrong! He definitely lacked airmanship. But you didn't display much airmanship yourself.
I was expecting that kind of reply soon or later. I know myself that it sure enough could have done harm to his aircraft. But, honestly, would you really have waited for his rotor blades to come flying at you and your aircraft or would you have taken the chance to fly away to safety without getting hit.

Two's in
When we see others operating in an unsafe or unsure manner, don't walk away. Take the time out to question and confirm that things are as they seem. It takes tact and diplomacy not to come across as an asshat, but is it better that someone thought you were a busybody but maybe a learning point was made, or wait until you read the accident report and say "hey, I saw that guy doing that..."

A professional aviator is probably someone who shares the learning and experience whenever possible.
I totally agree and next time I'll see this guy I will for sure talk to him and point out what might have happened, but at that point I just wanted to get out of his way.
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