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Country airfield in the 70s. Landed a Huey on the only available fuelling spot (toughened tarmac, underground fuel plug) and got it filled up. We were about to start when an F27 rolled in and parked right beside us - same reasons, tarmac, fuel plug.

Well, we delayed our departure, they unloaded pax, got their refuel, and then sat there as their departure was not for a few hours. We had to go. I talked to the hosties (pilots were inside having a coffee) and asked them to shut the door. They didn't, just stood at the top of the stairs to watch.
OK, crank her up, get to flight RPM, and lift to the hover. Most amused when the hosties' dresses flipped up over their heads. We sat in the hover a little longer than usual, must have been doing hover checks or something, and eventually the girls ran back into their cabin.
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