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I've just come down this road myself. I needed a cheap W10 machine for a specific (non Microsoft) amateur radio application. A few days ago I came across a Lenevo with all the desired features including (according to the features ticket) Windows 10 Home. The price was excellent, so home it came. When I opened the box there was the same multi language document expounding Windows 10 Home in S Mode. To return it was a 220 km round trip, no options there. Accordingly, after going through all the strange rituals required of a new user when you first push the power button, I read up on bailing out of S mode from no less an authority than Microsoft itself. It looked easy; it was easy, I loaded my specific non windows applications, and it's been running them ever since without complaint or protest. A nice machine IMHO.

It's apparently the case that opting out of S mode is not reversible - there's no going back. But, as one reviewer observed: "Why would you ever want to?".



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