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Originally Posted by api View Post
Hi guys, need your help-
My company (small loco in the mid east) does not have an part time option yet. As a union rep, me and my fellow representatives need to work on it and to present a part time option. Some pilots came to us and requested that.
i wanted to understand whats going on in the big world in that regard.
-Does your company allow a part time pilot? (What kind of company/where)
- If so, how is it done?
- If you could write your own part time terms, how would you go about it?
Just to be clear- its the pilots that want it (want to study, another job, etc), so we want to phrase the best, most safe and pro-pilot contract ever before presenting to the company and fellow pilots.

Many thanks
When you say loco in mid east you mean Middle East (Union?)
If ME do you get hosuing allowance if so this is when it starts going south
P/T is very popular in Europe depending on tax thresholds e.g. pilots go P/T to keep under certain tax rates
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